If finding outstanding job candidates for your company isn’t challenging enough, matching their skills to what you need done makes hiring one of the greatest business challenges.

Enter big data.

PYA Analytics can develop for you an online questionnaire that looks not just at applicants’ answers but how they respond to questions – how long they take, skip and come back later, or just ignore completely. The time candidates pour over a question provides valuable insight into problem solving skills and how they will perform in real-world situations. Scoring your applicants’ responses against the global data that’s available to the PYA Analytics team helps removes the subjective bias that creeps into hiring decisions.

Data analytics is a valuable tool for companies to look at how employees are using their benefits, particularly health insurance. Knowing the frequency and cost of emergency room visits for non-emergencies can lead to awareness campaigns that promote less expensive alternatives.

PYA Analytics has the expertise to bring new information and answers to product development, efficiency of operations, and marketing.