AI Platform

Cyclone AI platform distills massive amounts of data into manageable insights.


Automated cloud provisioning to simplify big data deployments while optimizing the use of the cloud.

Fast Analytics

Open-source analytics platform for interactive query, machine learning and data analytics in the cloud.

Security & Control

Manage data governance and security across hybrid environments.

Cyclone AI Platform Data Workflow Pipelines

Build your dream dashboard.

You want all your metrics in one place. You want them to be clear, meaningful and up to date. But you also want the flexibility to assemble, organize and visualize those metrics any way you’d like. With Cyclone, that freedom comes standard.

Automate your reporting.

Let’s face it: manual reporting is a drag. Cyclone saves you hours by automatically updating key metrics with data from any source. That means you can spend more time doing and less time figuring out what’s already been done.

See the big picture.

With Cyclone, you can combine everything to see the big picture. See how marketing impacts sales, how sales impacts operations, how operations impacts finance and everything in between. It’s all the insights you need, how and when you need them.

Take it with you on the go.

Opportunities don’t wait for you to get back to your computer, so Cyclone helps you seize them on the go. With a seamless experience on any mobile device, Cyclone can deliver the metrics you need, wherever you happen to be.